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We encourage you to contact staff members directly by phone or e-mail.   You may also send general inquiries by e-mail to  

Iowa Community Indicators Program
Data inquiries Liesl Eathington (515) 294-2954
Web site issues Liesl Eathington (515) 294-2954
Administrative assistance Renea Miller (515) 294-6482
Related Programs
Economic impact studies Dave Swenson (515) 294-7458
Regional economic analysis Dave Swenson (515) 294-7458
Community surveys (CD-DIAL) Nora Ladjahasan (515) 294-0734
Iowa Retail Initiative Susan Erickson (515) 294-1790 Link to site
GIS training and assistance Geospatial Technology Program   Link to site
Community development assistance ISU Extension Community & Economic Development   Link to site


To Contact Us By Mail or Fax:
Iowa Community Indicators Program
260 Heady Hall
518 Farm House Lane
Ames, Iowa  50011-1054
Fax: (515) 294-0221


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