Learn more about Differential Privacy

*Good choices for a more general audience  

Fact Sheets and Overviews

*Differential Privacy for Census Data Explained National Conference of State Legislatures
*Understanding "Differential Privacy" Census 20/20
 Differential Privacy in the 2020 Census:  New Confidentiality Protections & the Implications for Data Users Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality

Issues and Challenges

*Implementing Differential Privacy:  Seven Lessons from the 2020 United States Census Harvard Data Science Review
 Balancing Data Utility and Confidentiality in the 2020 US Census Data & Society

Foundations and Methods (lecture videos)

*Differential Privacy and the 2020 Decennial Census Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation
 The Definition of Differential Privacy Institute for Advanced Study
 Differential Privacy for Economists National Bureau of Economic Research

Demonstrataion Data Sets for Analysis

 Differentially Private 2010 Census Data IPUMS-NHGIS